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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

Table 2 ANOVA between respondents who had Side Setback areas and those who did not

From: Developing terminology for side facades and side setback areas in Japanese neighborhoods: a study on utility and perception

  F Sig.
Piping and wiring on neighboring side facades are done neatly 4.03 0.01
Windows or balcony facing side setback areas are good for neighborhood intimacy 4.25 0.01
Having windows facing side setback areas affects privacy 8.15 0
Smells or smoke travel a lot through side setback areas 8.38 0
There is good air circulation in the side setback areas 4.2 0.01
I feel that I am being watched once inside setback areas or my terrace/balcony to them 9.60 0
People do not interact with each other 5.15 0.00
People have the habit of lending/borrowing 7.65 0.00
Enough light comes from windows facing side setback areas 7.18 0.00
There is good ventilation from windows to side setback area 12.74 0
I do not mind covering my side facade windows with goods, etc. 10.06 0
Prefer to see green wall from my window facing side setback area 4.67 0.01
Prefer to see neighbor’s clothes-drying place from my window facing side setback area 3.10 0.04
Prefer to have living/dining room window facing side facade 3.95 0.02
Prefer to have bathroom/toilet window facing side setback area 5.22 0.00
Prefer to have terrace/balcony facing side setback area 2.39 0.09
Side setback areas are dark even during the day 5.40 0.00
There is a calm atmosphere in side setback areas away from the street 4.24 0.01
Having ventilation from windows to side setback areas is enough, view is not important 10.47 0
Windows to side setback areas should have matte glass 5.89 0.00
This is an ideal neighborhood for me 4.85 0.00
Security is good here 3.28 0.04
People respect privacy 3.55 0.03
I have a quiet life here 8.02 0
Life is pleasant here 6.01 0.003