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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

TableĀ 1 Environmental components

From: Formal ontologies and strategic environmental assessment. A case study: the municipal land use plan of Genoa

Environmental components Environmental themes
Air Air quality
Climate (climate-altering effects of anthropogenic activities, Kyoto, etc.)
Water resource Hydrographic network (surface water and groundwater)
Marine water bodies
Soila Stability (stability and safety from flooding or similar)
Contamination use
Ecosystems and biodiversity Mosaic vegetation, wetlands, habitat, wildlife
SIC and ecological networks
  1. aTo soil means a system that is both physical support for human activities (having in this way to ensure accurate performance in mechanical terms), as a defense by the waters (soil conservation in the sense of the basin planning), as receiver (of water and substances) and finally as a resource (extraction of raw materials, support to agricultural activities, space availability for human functions, etc.).