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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

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Table 5 Documents per type of actor (%)

From: Smart cities, social media platforms and security: online content regulation as a site of controversy and conflict

Categories of actors Examples % of the total (n = 170 URLs) (%)
Media platforms/websites The conversation, the Register, Wired… and online versions of newspapers 30.30
Academia University of Oxford, University of Cardiff 27.88
NGO/advocacy Open Rights Group, Hope not Hate, Tech Against Terrorism… 24.24
Private company Facebook, Twitter… 6.06
Local government London City Government… 3.64
National government Publications from the Home Office, Parliament 3.03
Think tank Demos, Paccs research 1.82
Enforcement and police Crown Prosecution Service… 0.61
International Organisation Unesco 0.61
EU Institution European Council 0.61