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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

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Table 6 C-value on topics presented by actors in newspapers

From: Smart cities, social media platforms and security: online content regulation as a site of controversy and conflict

Stem Main form Forms C-value
Attack terror Terror attack Terror attack|&|terror attacks 95.99200196
Group terror Terror group Terror group|&|terror groups 86.5501657
Twitter user Twitter user Twitter user|&|twitter users 72.38741131
Nation secur National security National security 37.76734503
Content extremist Extremist content Extremist content 36.19370566
Fake news Fake news Fake news 31.47278753
Propaganda video Propaganda videos Propaganda videos|&|propaganda video 28.32550877
Abus onlin Online abuse Online abuse 25.17823002
Data person Personal data Personal data 23.60459065