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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

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Table 7 C-value on topics presented by actors online (based on abstract of articles/web pages)

From: Smart cities, social media platforms and security: online content regulation as a site of controversy and conflict

Stem Main form Forms C-value
Attack terror Terror attacks Terror attacks|&|terror attack 11.01547563
Home offic Home Office Home office 11.01547563
Act secur Security Act Security act 11.01547563
Attack terrorist woolwich Woolwich Terrorist Attack Woolwich terrorist attack|&|woolwich terrorist attack 7.942847232
Nation secur National security National security 7.868196882
Attack terrorist Terrorist attack Terrorist attack|&|terrorist attacks|&|terrorist Attack 7.868196882
Cyber secur Cyber security Cyber security|&|cyber security 7.868196882
Secur threat Security threat Security threat 7.868196882
Peopl young Young people Young people 6.294557506
Compani tech Tech companies Tech companies 6.294557506
Abedi bomber salman Bomber Salman Abedi Bomber Salman Abedi 5.957135424
Bomber salman suicid Suicide bomber Salman Suicide bomber Salman 5.957135424
Committe mp Committee of MPs Committee of MPs 4.720918129
Code part Part of the code Part of the code 4.720918129
Bridg london London Bridge London bridge 4.720918129
Content extremist Extremist content Extremist content 4.720918129
Hate-speech illeg Illegal hate-speech Illegal hate-speech 4.720918129