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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

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Table 5 Screening detailed categories of projects

From: A methodological approach on the procedural effectiveness of EIA: the case of Sardinia

Screening—categories of projects No.
1. Agriculture 5
 1.a) Change of use of non-cultivated areas, semi-natural or natural for their intensive cultivation 1
 1.b) Forestation or deforestation 2
 1.c) Installations for the intensive rearing of animals 1
 1.e) Fish-farming activities 1
2. Energy and extractive industries 50
 2.a) Thermal plants for the production of energy, steam and hot water 1
 2.b) Mining exploration, including geothermal resources research 12
 2.c) Nonthermal plants for the production of energy, steam and hot water and thermodynamic solar plants 21
 2.d) Wind farms 15
 2.j) Exploration for oil and gas on mainland 1
3. Processing of metals and mineral products 1
 3.c) Installations for the processing of ferrous metals 1
4. Food industry 1
 4.f) Slaughterhouses and Installations for the disposal or recycling of animal carcasses and animal waste 1
7. Infrastructures 123
 7.b) Urban development projects 15
 7.d) Derivation of surface water or groundwater and related drilling 1
 7.g) Secondary non-urban roads 4
 7.h) Construction of express roads in urban areas or reinforcement of existing roads of four or more lanes 1
 7.i) Regional or local railway lines 1
 7.l) Coastal work to combat erosion and maritime works capable of altering the coast- 6
 7.m) Works of adjustment of the course of rivers and streams, channeling and remediation 30
 7.o) Yacht marinas 2
 7.q) Installations for the disposal of non-hazardous waste by incineration 3
 7.v) Installations for the disposal and recovery of hazardous waste 9
 7.w) Installations for the disposal of non-hazardous waste 48
 7.e) logistic centers, intermodal platforms and terminals 1
 7.j) Sistemi di trasporto a guida vincolata (tramvie e metropolitane), funicolari o linee simili di tipo particolare, esclusivamente o principalmente adibite al trasporto di passeggeri 1
 7.r) Installations for the disposal of non-hazardous special waste with a preliminary storage 1
8. Other projects 67
 8.a) Holiday villages, hotel complexes 3
 8.b) Permanent racing and test tracks for cars and motorcycles 1
 8.g) Storage of oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals and hazardous chemicals 1
 8.i) Quarries and peat bogs 49
 8.j) Treatment of intermediate products and manufacture of chemical products 1
 8.s) Modifications to development projects included in Annex I and projects in Annex I 12
Total 247