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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

Table 2 Abandoned or currently unused sites

From: Post-industrial, post-socialist or new productive city? Case study of the spatial and functional change of the chosen Warsaw industrial sites after 1989

No in Table 1 Address Function of the site Ownership
5 Grodzieńska 51 Unused Municipally-owned
6 Inżynierska 5b and 5c Unused, to be converted into the residential use (lofts) Private
11 Konopacka 17 Unused, very bad repair Municipally-owned
12 Konopacka 19 Unused, (former factory dismantled, residential buildings with local stores under construction) Private
16 Objazdowa 2 Unused, planned to be converted into a cluster for artisans Municipally-owned
19 Stalowa 34/Równa 1 Unused, very bad repair Municipally-owned
21 Stolarska 2/4 Unused Municipally-owned
22 Strzelecka 30/32 Unused, very bad repair Private
  1. Source: own work