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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

Table 4 Mixed use sites

From: Post-industrial, post-socialist or new productive city? Case study of the spatial and functional change of the chosen Warsaw industrial sites after 1989

No in Table 1 Address Function of the site Ownership
   Small-scale enterprises  
1 11 listopada 10a Multi-functional (poligraphic services, small-scale production) current functions to be abandoned, future use unknown Private
2 11 listopada 22 Multi-functional (hostel, restaurant, clubs, wholesale store, sewing services, part of the site unused) Municipally-owned
3 Białostocka 42 Multi-functional (offices, services, upholsterer, high-class bakery) Private
4 Grodzieńska 21/29 Multi-functional (educational—private college), car workshop Perpetual usufruct
10 Kłopotowskiego 11 Multi-functional (several offices, including religion congregation’s office) Perpetual usufruct
15 Objazdowa 1/Wojnicka 2 Multi-functional (offices, high quality cloth production, sewing services, part of the site unused), currently planned to be converted into the high-class multi-functional site (offices, stores, restaurants) Perpetual usufruct (state-owned)
20 Stalowa 67 Multi-functional (offices, services, car workshop and specialized tools store) to be converted into the HQ of municipal Green Areas Management Municipally-owned
25 Śnieżna 3 Multi-functional (health care, charity services, cultural) Perpetual usufruct
26 Targowa 82 Multifunctional (residential front with social services, gastronomic venture employing people in difficult situation behind the main building) Municipally-owned
27 Wojnicka 4/Otwocka 1b Multi-functional (services—commercial and social; gym, car workshop) State-owned
   Developers investments  
23 Szwedzka 2 Multi-functional. Former industrial buildings used for conferences and events; it is planned to construct private medical university premises (including hospital and students quarters) Private
24 Szwedzka 20 Multi-functional (offices, services in former industrial buildings) and new residential buildings Perpetual usufruct
29 Ząbkowska 27/31 Multi-functional. New buildings with stores, services, offices and residential functions Perpetual usufruct
  1. Source: own work