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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

Table 1 The Al Za’atari by numbers and livelihoods (UNHCR 2020a)

From: Designing refugees’ camps: temporary emergency solutions, or contemporary paradigms of incomplete urban citizenship? Insights from Al Za’atari

Overview of the Al Za’atari Estimated number
Number of Syrian refugees 120,000 Syrian–now 76,688
Area of the Al Za’atari 530 Hectares
Number of caravans over 26,000
Number of tents 8000
Percentage of refugees from Dara 80%
Shops over 3500
Other shops 680 shops that engage children
Community center 58
Three water wells Capacity of each 3600 m3
Active work permits 13,773
Weekly wealth consultations 9001
Number of babies born per month +20% in the last 5 years
Number of schools 32
Illegal electricity wires 300 km
Cost of electricity per day 16,130 USD