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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

Table 2 Redevelopment guidelines and recommended actions for enhancing social sustainability in urban neighborhood

From: Assessing the effect of urban form on social sustainability: a proposed ‘Integrated Measuring Tools Method’ for urban neighborhoods in Dubai

  Design strategies/guidelines Recommended actions
1 Increasing density Applying infill strategy-taking advantage of vacant plots (increasing the FAR and the gross population density to be from 40 to 50 pph)
2 Redefining the land-use plan Providing suitable locational distribution of a mixture of needed local services and amenities
3 Diversifying housing types Adding different sizes of apartments and housing units to the exiting mono housing category
4 Integrating street networks Connecting the dead-end streets with nearest streets but for only pedestrian and cycling movements
Restraining car-movements
5 Diversifying movement modes Adding cycling infrastructures
Improving pedestrian network
Improving access to public transport nodes
6 Improving accessibilities Reconsidering access of people with special needs, elderly, etc
Improving quality of services
Enhancing walkability and bikeability
7 Adapting urban landscape Mitigating the effect of the outdoor temperature (through various shading strategies)
Improving pedestrian walkways design
Improving street furniture (setting benches, etc.)
8 Enhancing and diversifying
Amenities and services
Decentralizing services
Diversifying services
Improving quality of services