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Table 2 Results of the hypothesis of application of non financial compensation for demolition and reconstruction of incompatible buildings

From: Non financial compensation for the redevelopment of the historic urban landscape: the case study of Villasor in Sardinia (Italy)

  UMI substantially preserved UMI partially preserved UMI substantially transformed
Number of UMI 30 77 260
Incompatible buildings volume 3.551 mc 24.296 mc 182.085 mc
Average of the state of conservation 0.56 0.63 0.70
Development rights compensation 8.270 mc 66.775 mc 551.372 mc
Premium coefficient 2.29 2.57 2.85
Residual development capacity after demolition 3.542 mc 12.215 mc 101.841 mc
Development rights to be transferred 4.728 mc 54.560 mc 449.531 mc