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City, Territory and Architecture

An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

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New article collection: Smart Cities and Security

Emergent technologies, sometimes referred to as Disruptive Digital Technologies (DDTs), including social media, machine-learning, 3-D printing, advanced robotics, unmanned vehicles (drones) and the Internet of Things (IoT), provoke argument over the opportunities for realising “smart cities” but also the threats of introducing new vulnerabilities for the security of city-regions. Given the rapid evolution of these technologies and uncertainty about their likely impact, this special issue contains contributions of a conceptual, methodological and/or empirical focus that consider how social science can better understand and respond to the opportunities and threats of smart cities. Mindful of the orientation of this Journal, the special issue includes reflections on how emergent technologies can alter our understanding of what constitutes the territory and architecture of security in smart cities, and how public authorities are making sense of the challenges presented by emergent technologies for urban governance.

Guest edited by Adam Edwards and Marco Calaresu

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Aims and scope

Focusing on the pluralism of positions and project perspectives, City, Territory and Architecture (CTA) opens an interdisciplinary debate on the relational nature of projects for spaces where people settle and interrelate.

The journal shares theoretical and applied scientific knowledge and positions with primary goal of exploring conceptual and physical relations between city, territory and architecture.

The central theme of the journal is the adaptation to new urban situations: new forms of inhabiting space are arising in the contemporary city; both human settlement and project development and implementation are characterized by a stronger awareness of and care for the entire territory, as well as an awareness of environmental values. One scope of this journal is to propose new tools to tackle these challenges. CTA emphasizes the importance of ethical concern in projects and calls for society’s legitimization of interventions proposed and managed by architects and planners.

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Editor's Quote

The City, Territory and Architecture journal (CTA) aims to create an interdisciplinary space for debating the conceptual and physical relationships between city, territory and architecture. As Editor-in-Chief, my wish is to stimulate scholars by facilitating different perspectives and providing a platform for papers that explore the relational nature of urban spaces; discovering new ways of realizing urban spaces in contemporary society.

Prof. Giovanni Maciocco, Editor-in-Chief


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