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An interdisciplinary debate on project perspectives

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  1. The study of architecture in relation to the principles of political power places a different perspective in understanding how the built environs with heritage value were shaped in time and are being constantl...

    Authors: Jocelyn A. Rivera-Lutap and John Benedict A. Castillo
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:31
  2. After the long-lasting divestment in the Italian public housing system and the privatization of over 20% of the stock, many public dwellings are vacant or in substantial need of maintenance. The article aims a...

    Authors: Marco Peverini, Massimo Bricocoli and Anna Tagliaferri
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:30
  3. The Covid-19 pandemic has been analysed and discussed from many disciplinary perspectives. An aspect that still needs critical exploration is the role—that is, the modes and forms—of regulatory interventions d...

    Authors: Stefano Moroni, Anita De Franco, Carolina Pacchi, Daniele Chiffi and Francesco Curci
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:29
  4. Natural ventilation has been one of the most important passive cooling strategies for conditioning the built environment. However, several challenges influence natural ventilation in multi-story buildings. Con...

    Authors: Rasha A. Ali, Naglaa A. Megahed, Merhan M. Shahda and Asmaa M. Hassan
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:28
  5. The nineteenth century city in Spain is defined by modernisation, transformation and urban renewal. The production of urban plans played an important role in projects for the realignment of streets and the ope...

    Authors: F.-Javier Ostos-Prieto, José-Manuel Aladro-Prieto and María-Teresa Pérez-Cano
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:27
  6. Social sustainability is one of the influential concepts in architecture and urban planning that is formed under the influence of individual and physical factors. In such a way that its effects on the spatial ...

    Authors: Ahmad Sarrafzadeh, Sajjad Sotoude and Meena Sarrafzadeh
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:25
  7. This study is focused on the benefits of community park as a place of social interaction in Peyi community, Bwari Abuja. The study examined community parks and their environmental impact as it relates to socia...

    Authors: O. F. Adedayo, D. O. Akingbohungbe, A. T. Ale, A. P. Abdullahi and M. A. Adegoke
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:24
  8. Urban skyways, in which an elevated pedestrian-friendly layer of the city is applied to the existing urban fabric, have evolved from radical conceptual proposals in the mid-twentieth century, such as the conti...

    Authors: Liam Blewett, Ngoc Xuan Huy Nguyen, Mohammed Makki and Milad Showkatbakhsh
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:23
  9. Nowadays, mobility represents the main productive process: this means that territorial sustainability must necessarily include sustainable movements as a key component. The increase in transport entity and tra...

    Authors: Andrea Spinosa
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:21
  10. Rowshan is a distinctive architectural element and a primary component of the façades of traditional houses in western Saudi Arabia. It is window type primarily made from wood and is incorporated in contempora...

    Authors: Majedh F. Alhuseini, Ghadah A. Altammam, Bashayer R. AlSehaimi, Donia M. Bettaieb, Abeer A. Alawad and Khawlah J. Tarim
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:20
  11. This paper is a contribution to a special issue of “Interdisciplinarity and governance in water landscapes” with a critical reflection on the “Marta-Bolsena-Tarquinia” River, Lake, and Coast Contract research ...

    Authors: Sara Altamore and Daniela De Leo
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:19
  12. Urban development and regeneration processes are both influenced by changes in the level of land rents over time and space. Public intervention in land markets, including planning regulation, affects rent dyna...

    Authors: Anna Maria Colavitti and Sergio Serra
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:16
  13. The Alto Mayo Protected Forest (“Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo”, or BPAM for its Spanish acronym) is one of the largest natural protected areas (NPA) in Peru. The BPAM has several tourist attractions owing to...

    Authors: Anghela Nuñez-Torres, Aracelly Arones-Huarcaya and Cristian Yarasca-Aybar
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:15
  14. Road infrastructure development in a country has been considered an important predictor of economic development and prosperity. Hence applying a systematic analysis approach, this study aims to project the fut...

    Authors: Daud Nawir, Muhammad Djaya Bakri and Iif Ahmad Syarif
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:12
  15. Gathering and public spaces, along with infrastructure and houses, are demolished because of disasters, which weakens the community ties. Different approaches, such as government-led and community-driven, to r...

    Authors: Yegane Ghezelloo, Akihiko Hokugo and Osamu Tsukihashi
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:11
  16. This paper focuses on the character of multi-level pedestrian accessibility and walkability within the public and quasi-public realm in Hong Kong, using the particular case of the redevelopment of Taikoo Place...

    Authors: Hee Sun Choi, Gerhard Bruyns, Alan Reeve and Minyu Cui
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:10
  17. Cultural projects, particularly when aiming at social impact, are usually the result of the context, values, and social fabric. Some endogenous factors, such as governance models and availability of resources,...

    Authors: Lluís Bonet, Giada Calvano and Pablo Fernández Compañ
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:9
  18. This article reports a first attempt to combine the analysis of socio-technical mechanisms and initiative-based learning to sense sustainability transition signals in cities. Relying on the analysis of cultura...

    Authors: Grazia Concilio, Irene Bianchi and Ilaria Tosoni
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:5
  19. Cultural policies can be a strategic key to shaping more inclusive and sustainable urban regeneration processes, especially exploiting the acceleration promoted through transition dynamics. The City of Issy-le...

    Authors: Anna Moro and Eric Legale
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:4
  20. In the last four decades, the historical heritage of Cartagena de Indias has been at the center of national and international attention due to its classification as a World Heritage Site according to the Unite...

    Authors: Manuel Saba, Jorge Luis Álvarez Carrascal and Alfonso Rafael Cabrera Cruz
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:3
  21. Emergency shelters are often designed to be of temporary nature but end up adopting a more permanent nature in becoming informal settlements. On one hand, these settlements suffer from the conflicts and enviro...

    Authors: Pallavi Tiwari, Nibal Al Azzawi and Lübna Amir
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2023 10:2
  22. This article defines "cultural experience" and places it in a holistic conceptual model; “the cultural city” where it plays a relevant role in improving the performing of cities. The conceptual model combines ...

    Authors: Pau Rausell-Köster, Sendy Ghirardi, Jordi Sanjuán, Francesco Molinari and Borja Abril
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:40
  23. The new global cities and megacities, which are generally planned and built as result of political decisions and fast economic growth, are considered artificial and "false" in their nature. This widespread per...

    Authors: Luca Donner and Francesca Sorcinelli
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:39
  24. Starting from Comprehensive or Interpretive Sociology and the Sociology of skyscrapers, this article proposes as basic objectives to verify how the North American economic culture is showed in the symbolism of...

    Authors: Juan Antonio Roche Cárcel and Ángel Enrique Carretero Pasín
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:38
  25. The article discusses the context and conditions for implementing culture-based interventions for health and well-being in an urban setting. Specifically, the article presents the case study of a cultural inte...

    Authors: Claudia-Maria Cacovean, Marina-Denisa Dascăl and Maria-Rarița Zbranca
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:37
  26. The process of degradation and abandonment to which many landscapes generated by industrial decay are currently exposed, together with the lack of conceptual and methodological means required for the study of ...

    Authors: María Isabel Alba Dorado and Eduardo Romero de Oliveira
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:36
  27. Despite the proposed ‘certainty’ in a city or region hosting a mega-event, there has long been issues of uncertainty surrounding the planning and implementation of what have until now essentially been mega-pro...

    Authors: Zachary M. Jones, Stefano Di Vita and Davide Ponzini
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:34
  28. There is little research-based evidence regarding the similarities and differences in urban plans and urban forms, regarding urban planning and design, between planned capital cities in Africa and Asia. In rec...

    Authors: Hisham Abusaada and Abeer Elshater
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:33
  29. There is growing evidence that projected climate change has the potential to significantly affect public health. Many of these effects are likely to be exacerbated by the risks associated with exposure to heat...

    Authors: Hassan Kamran Dastjerdi and Narjessadat Hossaini Nasrabadi
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:27
  30. The adoption of the European Landscape Convention (ELC) has wrought a profound evolution in the landscape planning discipline, contributing to the integration of the landscape into planning policy. This paper ...

    Authors: Francesca Calace and Olga Giovanna Paparusso
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:25
  31. The problem of the lack of inclusive public space in the fringes of Bangkok, Thailand, is related to multiple factors in urban development. The study-area of the Pathum Thani province offers a summary of the c...

    Authors: Pattamon Selanon, Federico Puggioni, Supanut Dejnirattisai and Autchariya Rutchamart
    Citation: City, Territory and Architecture 2022 9:24

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